Uninstalling Oracle 10g Manually from Windows XP

List of additional steps to do for cleaning the system completely after uninstall using universal installer.
# Stop any Oracle services that have been left running.
Start->Settings->Control Panel->Services
Look for any services with names starting with ‘Oracle’ and stop them.
# Run regedit and delete the following keys (some may have slightly different names in your registry):
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet Services\EventLog\Application\Oracle.oracle
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet Services\OracleDBConsole
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet Services\Oracle10g_home
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet Services\OraclService
Note that the services control panel will still show the old services until you reboot.
# Delete the Oracle home directory
# Delete the Oracle Program Files directory:
C:\Program Files\Oracle
# Delete the Oracle Start Menu shortcuts directory:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Oracle*
Where * indicates the name of your install. Look for and remove all Oracle directories from that location.
# Remove Oracle refereces from the path. To edit your path go to:
Start->Settings->Control Panel->System->Advanced->Environment Variables
Edit both of the environment variables user PATH and system PATH. Remove any Oracle references in them.
# Remove Oracle.DataAccess and any Polic.Oracle files from the GAC which is at:


76 Responses to “Uninstalling Oracle 10g Manually from Windows XP”

  1. Anil Gidla Says:

    thanks for the information provided.


  2. Sivakumar Says:

    Very Useful Posting..thanks for the information.

  3. phani kumar Says:

    i deleted all what you have mentioned above but still i am unable to delete a file called oci.dll .It says access is denied.how can i delete it?it is there in ORACLE_HOME\db_1\bin direcory.

  4. Kavitha Says:

    I am also stuck with the same problem of not being able to delete the oci.dll file in the ORACLE_HOME\db_1\bin directory. Any tips on this please?

  5. Kavitha Says:

    Got arnd the problem of deleting the oci.dll by just restarting my system and trying it again!! It actually worked!!

  6. Deep Says:

    Rename oci.dll to anything and delete after reboot…worked for me

  7. Arati Says:

    How do I delete the emctl.pid file

  8. suniel Says:

    reboot your system, and start it in safe mode. once started in safe mode, login and then delete the oci.dll.
    that will work.

  9. Rianna Says:

    Successfully uninstalled Oracle, but when I tried reinstalling & get to the part of testing the listener: Oracle for Windows NT-> Oracle Net8 Easy Config is not opening at all. Help pleaaase

  10. Moid Says:


    Did you see if all of your services are running?

  11. Joe Mrozek Says:

    Delete oracle in the path environmental variable; reboot; and you should be able to remove all the files

  12. Mike Says:

    Thanks a lot.. great checklist. it helped me a lot

  13. vasanthkrishna Says:

    i install oracle 10g on windows Xp. when i run isql plus with Scott then it shows user locked .How i open that lock?

  14. Krishnamoorthy Sethuraman Says:

    From sql*Plus, use command:

  15. Agyl Ardi Says:

    Great ! It is very useful… I’m sick thinking how to remove Oracle correctly

  16. Rose Says:

    Thankx so muck for the guidance to uninstall oracle 10g on ma Pc it had slowed down due to the oracle I installed on but am stuck on the point of being able to Remove Oracle.DataAccess and any Polic.Oracle files from the GAC which is at:
    Well am getting in to c:\Windows but cant see the assembly folder or file advice me!

  17. syam Says:

    what is meant by sid?? i am unable to install oracle because its asking me to change sid??????Any help please

  18. RAHUL Says:

    thanks for the guidance to uninstall oracle 10g on ma Pc it had slowed down due to the oracle I installed on but am stuck on the point of being able to Remove Oracle.

  19. Sonu Says:

    Really good content…

  20. Ravi Krish Says:

    \app\oracle\product\10.2.0\server\BIN\msvcr71.dll & oci.dll are not getting deleted

  21. Jonathan Patil Says:

    Steps I took to completely remove Oracle 10g on my machine:
    – Uninstall using 10g disc
    – Control Panel -> Classic View -> Admin Tools -> Services
    – Get rid of any ‘Oracle Services’ [none in this case for me]
    – There are some registry keys to get rid of [not all applied here for me]:
    – reboot machine
    – on reboot, keeping tapping F8 until boot menu is displayed
    – From boot menu, select safe mode / with command prompt
    – del c:\oracle\product\10.2.0\client_1\bin\*.dll
    – Ctrl-Alt-Del -> Restart
    – Boot up normally, and delete rest of the oracle path from Windows Explorer


  22. srikanth Says:

    Thank you very much for the post….

  23. Pavithra Says:

    do i hav to remove System.Data.OracleClient from C:\WINDOWS\assembly durin this process?

  24. JohnSmith Says:

    I can’t believe that it’s still not possible to remove Oracle by using the uninstaller – Also the tools to administer the database look like 20 years ago.

    Please Oracle – do us a favor and stop selling your database

  25. Tomas Says:

    Thank you very much!

  26. Sanjib Saha Says:

    I intalled Oracle 9i and Oracle 10g Report Builder, after that I am not able to connect my asp.net application to the database…Before Installing it was working fine..At the time of connecting it shows following error message:…

    “OCIEnvCreate faild with return code -1….”

    Please Help.

  27. Seun Says:

    this is very good i really enjoyed the process it was fine and it worked
    thanks for the tips

  28. pavan Says:

    sir!iam not able to remove service oracleservicexeit says systemerror3,path is miising

  29. Waheed Says:

    from where i can delete inventry file

  30. satya Says:

    i use oracle 10g which slow downs the system my ram capacity is 512 so suggest me a best oracle version inorder to connect with .net and provide a link so that i can download. thankyou

  31. Jayanta Pati Says:

    Thanx for ur Information for how to Deinstall Oracle 10g DB in windows XP.

    Queries :

    1. How to Install IIS in windows XP Home and Windows Vista?
    2. How to uninstall Oracle from Windows Vista Edition?

  32. vikrant Says:

    when i tryed to open oracle 10g..it ask for username(i.e scott\tiger) and then ask for password and when i enter my password it shows an error “”””ORA-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error””” plz help me out

  33. Khalid Awan Says:

    For deleting a windows service:
    1. you need admin rights
    2. Open RUN and type cmd to start command prompt
    3. Type SC and press Enter, this will show you help for “SC” command.
    4. To stop a service type sc STOP

    5. To delete / uninstall a service type SC delete

    It works for me……

  34. How to uninstall Oracle 10g? - dBforums Says:

    […] after that run REGEDIT. remove oracle entries . except for Microsoft driver for oracle. Uninstalling Oracle 10g Manually from Windows XP Krishnamoorthy’s Blog restart and delete the folder in i.e . c:program filesoracle and the oracle home folder where […]

  35. amitesh Says:

    how do i install the oracle 10g if during installation it prompts..”Installer has detected an already instance of XE”. After that the set up is terminated.

  36. bhavani Says:

    thanks for guiding uninstalling oracle .Now my system is a little faster.
    In Control Panel->Adminstrative tools->Servies
    OracleDB Console,
    Oracle Home ,
    Oracle Job Schedule,
    Oracle Service .etc;
    are not deleted. I put all of them in disable mode.
    Please guide me in removing that servies of Oracle

  37. andrewl Says:

    Oracle does many things impressively but the install/uninstall using the clunky OUI still continues to mess up windows PCs.

    If you ever had to uninstall some (not all) Oracle products from a PC and still leave the rest functioning, you’ll have some fairly colourful names for the guys who wrote OUI.

  38. Elchin Says:

    thanks for the information provided, i knew this process but maybe we can find more thing which we don’t know.

  39. anilkumar Says:

    ya, it’s fine tips to eliminate oracle. other wise i’ll format my system

  40. Sojib2bd Says:

    In Environment Variables
    Edit both of the environment variables user PATH and system PATH. Remove any Oracle references in them.

    But what is the value of new variable PATH and system PATH ?

  41. sankar Says:

    oci.dll file is not deleting in the oracle directory and how to delete the file

  42. Niranjan Says:

    Thanks a lot for this lovely information

  43. T Muhamed Ali,Puzhakkattiri Says:

    thanks dear………….. for this healpful information

  44. Md. Hadiuzzaman Says:

    Thanks…………. for Important help..

  45. CHAITANYA Says:

    i am getting error as wsdl:it is being used by other person or program

  46. CHAITANYA Says:

    any one please help me

  47. K.SHARADA Says:

    sir i done the same what u say but there is a problem on removing the oracle ,there is F:\oracle\product\10.1.0\Db_1 was existing in the system and the f: is not formated also gave me a solution for this problem

  48. rrking Says:

    Thank you so much. You’re a genius. I tried everything and couldn’t delete that oci.dll. I follow your steps then rebooted the laptop and then deleted the oci.dll file and it worked. Again Thanks for your great advice.

  49. Tim Says:

    If oci.dll cannot be deleted, try stopping the Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC) service then deleting oci.dll.

  50. mani Says:

    thanks .
    but i found erro when deleting home dirictry as oci.dill
    please help me any body to delete that please………………

  51. vikash Says:

    Thanks alot it helped me alot to get rid of oracle fully

  52. vikash Says:


  53. Kumar Says:

    Thanks Mr.Krish, it’s really useful ( Uninstalling Oracle 10g).

  54. aasmita Says:

    very useful information that you had given.i performed all the task but there is still existance of oracle in my xp2.there in E:\oracle (and its contains 2.5 GB).how i remove it…pls reply me by an email

  55. waleed moh Says:

    thinks in advance
    i do this steps and success removing

  56. ramesh Says:

    we are anable to uninstal the orcle10g plese give me sussetions

  57. viji Says:

    i followd the steps which u guys hav posted for uninstalling 10g.. after that i try to install install oracle 10g again in my local box but am getting error message .. error saying “Installer has detected an already existing XE instance on this system. Installation cannot proceed”. please any one help me with this issue..

  58. MANJESH Says:

    I am having orcl database
    but when i am trying to login to TOAD with
    username: scott/tiger
    database: orcl
    i am unable to login
    error is ORA-12545:connect failed because target host or object does not exist

    any solutions ???

  59. Joseph Ozeña Says:

    thanks! big help 🙂

  60. Chandra Bali Says:

    how to uninstalling oracle 10.

  61. Anagha Says:

    This is awesome! Thanks for posting..

  62. atif Says:

    Great work!!!!
    Helped a lot.

  63. GAURAV Says:

    VERY THANK’S . . .

  64. MEERA Says:


  65. Suresh Rapaka Says:

    It helps me lot

  66. uzee Says:

    I’ve deleted oracle fully from my pc…..
    but when i reinstall it it gives numerous eroors
    d:/backup-piece not found
    after dat
    databas not mounted and many errors..
    any suggetions?

  67. madhu Says:

    how to delete C:Windows/assembly/….
    i didnt get.

  68. govinth Says:

    hello boss thank you . before i am troubble with oracle delete. now i am deleted successfly. thank you so much.

  69. sreekar Says:

    very good post…

    Thanks a lot,.

  70. harish Says:

    thank peers…

  71. Sam Says:

    for windows 7 also remove oracle services from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001 Services

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet002 Services

    after deleting everything i found the services still on the services menu then i deleted the oracle related stuff from the above location and it worked from me.

    have fun fellows

  72. akhila Says:


  73. Maseko Says:

    do the steps and also the steps By Sam if you are using Windows 7 it worked for me after sleepless night

  74. abhishek Says:

    thanx for the steps……………its working…

  75. Pankaj Says:

    guys! i tried to delete HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ORACLE
    but it not be deleted. what to do…..plz help

  76. chandrakala Says:

    Oracle 10g Installation pop up get disappear in middle of the installation on Windows Xp. Its not showing error message as well but not able to instal it completely. Please let me know how to resolve it.

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